Monday, February 11, 2013

HTML5 in Management Server 9, 10, and 11

Just want to share a proof of concept project (proof that Management Server supports HTML5) I did based on Smashingmagzine's HTML5.

I wrote this project a few years back, when Management Server was still called CMS, to be more exact, CMS 9.

SmartEdit in CMS 9, IE8
SmartEdit in CMS 9, FireFox
SmartEdit in CMS 9, IE9
SmartEdit in CMS 10, IE9

It is recommended to use projects with HTML5 code after 10.1 SP2 HF18 (Build because the Telerik/RadEditor text editor now also support HTML5 code and would not strip them out.

Download HTML5 Project Export (CMS 9)


  1. Does build include HTML5 support in the Telerik/RADEditor - or only following builds?