Thursday, May 8, 2014

Getting Current Management Server RedDot CMS Project Name via JavaScript

This is the easiest way to get current project name without complicated rendertag or preexecution. Just make sure you are already use the JQuery.js library.
<script type="text/javascript">
 var TheRealUIContainerPage;
 var ProjectLabelText;
  if( == 'ioActionMenu'){
   // smarttree
   TheRealUIContainerPage = top.opener.parent.parent.parent.parent.document;
   ProjectLabelText = $(TheRealUIContainerPage).find('body #ctl00_ctl00__bodyPlaceHolder__infoMenu_2 .ca_tb_txt').text();
  // smartedit
  TheRealUIContainerPage = window.parent.document;
  ProjectLabelText = $(TheRealUIContainerPage).find('body #ctl00_ctl00_ctl00__bodyPlaceHolder__infoMenu_2 .ca_tb_txt').text();



  1. Hi Jian

    I am looking for a way to multiple sort on pages e.g.Date and then time is there a simple way to do this with RedDot or do we need to use other complicated methods?


    1. Hi,

      If you are using the built in functionality to sort, it can only sort by content of one element. What you can do is write a little plugin that automatically save content of date and time into a new element call DateTime, and then sort on DateTime.

      Alternatively, you can sort on Date, then use JavaScript to sort on the time. I like this method the best.

  2. Hi Jian,

    Thank you for the excellent OpenText blog posts you have.

    I am tasked to extract page meta tag information for all the web pages existing in my OpenText project. Basically I would like to create a page which lists the following information for each web pages existing in the OpenText project. They are:
    1- Page URL and its corresponding
    2- Meta value assigned for the "Keywords" element (for instance a web page with the below element will return the following value, "C#, ASP.NET"). For your information, I took off the angle brackets below to make sure my question get posted without difficulty.
    meta name="Keywords" content="C#, ASP.NET"

    I am using OpenText Version 10.

    Please help.


  3. Hi Starkey,

    Is there a reason why you want to do this within OpenText Management Server?

    You can use website metatdata scraper to get all the URLs and associated metadatas within a published website/domain

    1. Thank you for pointing that out for me.

      I ended up using the freely available SEO tools from this site,, which helped me to generate the report I am looking for.


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